Plastic Packaging Alliance

Plastic Packaging Alliance

Effervescent tablet packaging approved with our quality seal

Our quality seal

Our quality seal „PPA tested“ certifies a tested quality standard approved by a testing procedure processed and agreed

The tablet packaging consists of a plastic tube and the tested closure system with integrated
desiccant (silica gel or molecular sieve).

About us

We are a cooperation of two independent producers of plastic primary packaging.

The closure systems are manufactured
by GAPLAST GmbH and the plastic tubes are made by JACO – Dr. Jaeniche GmbH & Co. KG.

Contact on a common email address.

Tablet sizes

We offer a tablet packaging that has been tested by the PPA indicator leak test.

The packaging combinations (tube and closure) for the follwing tablet sizes in mm are tested and aproved by PPA.

tablet sizes ∅ in mm

  • 18 mm
  • 20-21 mm
  • 22-23 mm
  • 25-26 mm
  • 29-31 mm

PPA indicator leak test

Through an indicator leak test, integrity of effervescent packaging is tested for leaks.

At a negative pressure of 400 mbar in a blue indicator fluid the integrity of the primary package is validated as a whole (tube and stopper)


PPA in Paris 2020